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KUCM is part of the Kuwait Projects Company (holding) (KIPCO) group of companies. KIPCO is one of the premier holding companies in the Middle East and has substantial ownership interests in a diversified portfolio of companies operating throughout the region and globally in six major business sectors, which are;

  • Financial services
  • Technology and media
  • Management services.
  • Hotel Services
  • Educational Services
  • Medical Services

KUCM is within the Management Services sector established since 1988 and is a subsidiary of United Real Estate Company (URC) and Tamleek United Real Estate Services Co. WLL.

KUCM have a branch in Egypt named Egypt United Project Management [EUPM] in the same field established in 2010.

K. U. C. M. Applies professional Project Management techniques to the planning, design and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling Time, Cost and Quality.

At KUCM we do not construct buildings - we develop and create specific project related strategies that interface with the design and construction stages and processes to effectively and efficiently manage the time and efforts of the consultants, specialists and contractors on behalf of the owner, and we do this by establishing a Management Plan that defines the most effective means possible, considering the overall project and owners requirements, thus ensuring that the owners best interests are safeguarded.

Our expertise in project pre - planning, design, construction, engineering and management assures the best possible project outcome - and we have been successfully applying this principle for almost the past twenty one years over a wide variety of local and international multi disciplinary projects.

KUCM is extremely flexible in terms of the types of Construction Management services we perform, whether the owner simply requires a pre-design, design or construction service - KUCM will specifically tailor-make the appropriate service to meet the professional demands required by the owner, and more importantly, to offer our services to owners with ongoing projects.